The Solshine H.E.A.L.T.H Method is an acronym for Heal, Energize, Align, Love, Trust and Harmonize.

These core steps are essential for vibrant health and make up the framework for all our programs and courses.

Within each step is a corresponding area of focus ( i.e. Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, Self-Care, Frequency and Hormones). This holistic approach elicits your awareness to align your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors with your “highest self” and soul purpose in order to create positive shifts in your life... that last.

Heal: Nutrition

One of our greatest gifts is the intrinsic ability to heal. Our bodies are designed with a universal intelligence that is constantly seeking a state of balance. This essential process is the foundation of every Solshine program and we start by focusing on the physical body. You learn basic aspects of nutrition and explore healing modalities that help you recognize the subtle cues of your body to better guide your lifestyle decisions.

Energize: Movement

We are all vibrational beings experiencing waves of energy in the form of thoughts and emotions. In this section we begin to look at your energy from a holistic perspective. In addition to examining the food that fuels you, we explore your mindset and bring awareness to the thoughts and beliefs that influence every aspect of your life. You apply tools that form new perspectives to create more spaciousness and energy in your life.

Align: Mindset

Being in the flow is the pure and simple experience of being deeply connected to source energy. At this point, we survey areas in your life that are engaged in conflict or struggle and develop techniques to consciously release the root cause of resistance. You learn movement practices to release stagnation and create alignment in body, mind and soul .

Love: Self-Care

Loving awareness opens up your creative potential and brings your true essence to life. When you “lead with love” as the guiding principle to your daily decisions and interactions, you create space for generosity and kindness. In this stage, we explore the aspects of life that inspire you and implement self-care rituals to honor your unique qualities. You learn how slowing down and embracing your authenticity are effective tools for triggering joy.

Trust: Frequency

Trusting the process is a liberating and profound way of experiencing positive change in your life. You generate a renewed sense of freedom and lightness when you allow your life to unfold naturally. In this part, we employ techniques to strengthen your confidence and step into your truth. You learn to let go of control while at the same time build your resolve by nurturing a deep trust in your unique path.

Harmonize: Hormones

When awareness and alignment flow freely throughout your being, you are able to experience a state of simplicity and harmony. In this cumulative session, you learn how to harness your intuitive abilities and apply the new insights you have gained to bring a deeper sense of ease and balance to all aspects of your life.

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