Hot Water Bottle

Once you use a hot water bottle, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!  It’s seriously one of the most useful all-purpose health care products you’ll ever use.  It provides soothing, moist heat therapy to alleviate all types of ailments. And it’s so easy to use.  Just fill the container with hot water from the sink and it will stay warm for up to two hours.

Use it to:

Relieve cramps and relax tight muscles.

Combat the chills when suffering from a cold or flu. 

Soothe aches and pains post-workout.  

Comfort and calm children who are ill or upset.  

Promote cozy, restful sleep especially on cold winter nights.

• Provide heat while enjoying a detoxifying castor oil treatment.

• Ease arthritic pain, especially in the hands.  

Use it on:

• Back for strain Neck for tension Lower abdomen for cramps • Upper abdomen for digestion Back of head for headaches Chest/heart for mind-body relaxation Feet for warmth