Yoga Basics:

Tree Pose or Vrksasana (in Sanskrit) is a standing posture that helps promote balance and centering.  

You start by grounding into the earth with one foot and then gently placing your other foot against your inner thigh or calf.  (Be sure to avoid your knee).  

Engage your core and and try not to tilt your pelvis outward.  

Then you can either put your hands above your head or at heart center in prayer🙏. 

You want to have a solid foundation in your grounded foot so you feel the uplifting sensation from your ankle all the way up  your spine.  

Tree pose strengthens and tones the leg muscles, ankles and feet as well as the groin and inner thigh.

I love to practice this pose in the middle of my work day.  It always brings me back to my center and makes me feel deeply connecting to mother earth.  

It can be practiced against a wall for more support.