Healthy Eating Habits:

Food plays such an essential role in our life and taking a moment to practice healthy eating habits is one of the best ways to support your overall well-being.  While trendy diets and lifestyle overhauls grab most of the attention, the truth is the simple act of changing the way you eat can lead to big results in the health department and help you get the most out of mealtime.  


  1. Eat when you’re hungry: It’s always a good practice to ask, “Am I really hungry” before eating.  There are lots of other things besides hunger that cause us to eat.  Oftentimes, we reach for food when we’re bored, anxious or dehydrated.  If you’re unsure of your motivation, drink an 8 oz. glass of water, take 5 deep breaths and wait 10 minutes then reassess. 

2. Eat sitting down: When we sit down to eat, we’re more relaxed.  This allows us to eat slower and take more time to chew our food, which aids in digestion.  

3. Eat without distractions: If we’re distracted by our our cell phones or tv screens when we eat, we are are much more likely to overeat. This can make us feel bloated and tired post meal, as well as cause weight gain. 

4. Eat with others: When we enjoy pleasant conversation with friends and family while eating, we are strengthening our sense of community and social bonds which have an overall positive effect on our health.  It can add life to our years, and years to our life to eat in the company of those we love.  

5.  Eat until you feel satisfied: If we aren’t satisfied with a meal, we will often continue to eat more food or fantasize about certain foods in search of that feeling of satisfaction, even if we aren’t hungry. This is why it’s important to think not only about what foods make you feel full, but what foods bring you pleasure and satisfaction as well. 

6. Eat with gratitude, Intention and pleasure: By taking a moment to give gratitude and set an intention before each meal we give ourselves the opportunity to practice  mindfulness.  This simple act can bring more enjoyment and pleasure to meal times and release positive energy into every cell of our body.