Natural Wellness. Simplified.

Solshine is a healing community designed to go beyond the ordinary health tips and take women on a personal journey of positive self-transformation.

Natural Wellness Simplified.

Solshine is a healing community designed to go beyond the ordinary health tips and take women on a personal journey of positive self-transformation.


Spanish for sun
(your unique light)


Give forth or
glow with light.

To give forth and glow
with your unique light.

Our Mission

Inspire women to reimagine their health and connect with their soul so they can live an authentic and vibrant life!

What Past Clients Have to Say

Solshine changed my entire perspective on wellness and health. Shannon's bright energy and extensive knowledge illuminated my path and showed me the way for the steps I need to take toward better health. By applying her holistic strategies and tools, Shannon helped me take my energy, health and happiness to a new level, all the while customizing it to my own unique needs.

If you're like me and want to become the healthiest, happiest and all around best version of yourself, Solshine is the healing community for you."

An Immersive Experience

Our programs combine clinical health principles and spiritual practices to help you tap into the core of your being.

Sol Transformation

Holistic 16-week journey to connect with your soul and revitalize your life.

Health Reimagined

Foundational 8-week series to spark a new vision for your health.

Sol Alignment

Customized program to provide support for an individual goal or aspiration.

Meet Shannon

Hi, I’m Shannon, Functional Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, Integrative Health Executive, Spiritual Advisor, Wife, Mom and Wellness Warrior.

I combine clinical knowledge with quantum healing techniques to support your personal transformation on a deep holistic level.
The Solshine Health Method focuses on your frequency as the foundation for deep transformation. It is designed to take you through a systematic path of awareness, connection and purpose to uncover your unique personal potential.

Heal & Harmonize

We are designed with an intelligence that is constantly seeking a state of balance. In this foundational step, the focus is on harmonizing the physical body by supporting your natural ability to heal.

Elevate Your Energy

We are all vibrational beings experiencing waves of thoughts and emotions. This section looks at how we can positively affect our emotional well-being and energy levels by raising the frequency of our thoughts.

Allow the Connection

Being in the flow” is the pure and simple experience of being deeply connected to source energy. Together, we examine the areas of your life that are engaged in conflict or struggle and bring awareness to release the root cause of resistance.

Love your Sol

Loving awareness opens up our creative potential and brings our true essence to life. At this stage you learn how to embrace your unique qualities in order to create an eternal bond with your soul.

Transform & Transcend

When our reality is created through a loving awareness, we experience the abundance of life in a completely new way. This section ushers in the emergence of your authenticity and teaches the quality of harmony with all of existence.

Help Others

Once our Sol is truly shining, we feel a sense of expansion and want to share because we have so much more to give. It is now time to discover new outlets to express your zest for life and spread your abundant nature.

"Follow your soul, it knows the way."

As the pace of life keeps speeding up and we get bombarded with impractical images of the ideal modern woman, it is becoming more important than ever to have a pure, grounded connection to your SOL.

Solshine is committed to this concept of self-awareness and offers a healing community for women that want to create positive change in their life.

Ready to Shine?

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